About Us

Mission :

In everything we do, we believe in a world where men and women inspire and motivate each other, challenge the status quo, rise to their fullest magical potential by following their journey and impacting the world.

We Impact The World by creating soulful and meaningful products, using unique designs as a gateway to empower our generation in a world of endless possibilities. We strive to promote adventure, freedom, creativity, spirituality, and an healthy lifestyle in our quality products. 

To achieve our mission, we created LYVIE. An inspirational, streetwear and lifestyle clothing brand and apparel for all young, active, and enlightened individuals, who live a lively life and whose personality traits will resonate with our smartly polished yet simple, authentic designs!                                

Founder :

LYVIE started back in 2017, when it's founder, Aziz Kaffel had the desire to start a brand offering value to customers, by inspiring them and impacting their lives. Since his childhood, Aziz has always been very passionate about fashion, redefining his style through the years, always committing in helping his close friends and family members to discover their style. He thrives in finding unique and original products, exerting his positivity, creativity and willingness in collaborating with others to pursue his dream of creating LYVIE.

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